Vol 5, No 1 (2014)

Table of Contents

Full Vol.1 PDF
Volume 5/1
Multisensory Law and Italo Calvino’s “Lezioni Americane” PDF (Italiano)
Marcilio T. Franca-Filho
New Models of Constitutional Review PDF (Italiano)
Francesco Duranti
Law, Beauty and Wrinkles. Firm Points and Open Issues After the EU Cosmetics Regulation PDF (Italiano)
Vincenzo Zeno Zencovich
Functionalism, Co-operation, Good Faith and the Making of the “Daily-Preventive Justice” in Contract Law Theory and Practice. PDF (Italiano)
Luca Siliquini Cinelli
Re-Reading the Collective Property Issue. A genealogy of “The Social” PDF (Italiano)
Fabiana Bettini
The Common Background of Citizenship as the “Core” of European Federalizing Process. A comparison with the American Experience PDF (Italiano)
Daniele Porena