Rescuing Comparative Law and Economics? Exploring Successes and Failures of an Interdisciplinary Experiment (12/2-13/1)

Table of Contents

Volume 12/2
Introduction: Comparative Law and Interdisciplinary Bridges PDF
Giuseppe Bellantuono
The Multifaceted Method of Comparative Law and Economics PDF
Francesco Parisi
The Influence of Legal Origins’ Theory in Comparative Politics: Are Common Law Countries More Democratic? PDF
Nuno Garoupa
Empirical Methods in Comparative Law: Data Talks PDF
Vanessa Villanueva Collao
Does Cicero’s Decision Stand the Test of Time? Famine at Rhodes and Comparative Law and Economics Approach PDF
Margot Callewaert, Mitja Kovac
The Law of Penalty Clauses: ‘New’ Comparative and Economic Remarks PDF
Giuseppe Versaci
Volume 13/1
Brexit and Banking Regulation: A New Means of Re-kindling the Comparative (and Economic) Analysis of Law?!! PDF
Camilla Della Giustina, Pierre De Gioia Carabellese
Comparative Law and Economics in the Field of Modern Competition Law PDF
Koki Arai
No User is an Island - Relational Disclosure as a Regulatory Strategy to Promote Users Awareness in Data Processing PDF
Antonio Davola, Ilaria Querci
Comparing the Efficiency of Remedies for Environmental Harm: US v. EU PDF
Francesca Leucci
Clean Innovation to Climate Rescue: a Comparative Law & Economics Analysis of Green Patents Regulation PDF
Noemi Mauro
The Key Role of Comparative Law and Economics in the Study of ESG PDF
Federico Riganti